Ready for School:

Imprints Cares leads and developed this innovative and collaborative approach—
funded by Kate B. Reynolds Charitable Trust–
around the pediatric “home base” at Wake Forest Baptist Health sites.

Children succeed — Listen to Adela’s amazing story

Imprints Cares aligns excellence in early education and health service providers, meeting children and their families
where they are, as we together unlock their potential for success in school and in life.
Using Parents as Teachers, Foundational, evidence-based currciulum, The Initiative addresses the physical, social-emotional,
and educational health, and well-being of families so that children are healthy, safe, and ready to learn.

• Wake Forest Baptist Health

• Imprints Cares One-on-One Consults @ WFBH
• Imprints Cares Child Screenings
• Imprints Cares Intensive Home Visiting
• Family Services Mental Health Services @ DHP
• Other Agencies

Imprints Cares received a Half-Million dollar ($550K) grant for The Pediatric Holistic Health Initiative (The Initiative)
from Kate B. Reynolds Charitable Trust in Winston-Salem, NC.

The Initiative is a collaborative with Imprints Cares, Wake Forest Baptist Health, and Family Services to provide families access to a tiered-level of education and health services such as one-on-one consultations and child assessments, intensive and non-intensive home visits, and mental health support so that children are healthy, safe, and ready to learn.  The American Academy of Pediatrics deems the medical home as a critical site to promote education, healthy development, and wellness across the family’s life.  Therefore, The Initiative expands our partnership on-site at Wake Forest Baptist Health-Downtown Health Plaza, Westgate Pediatrics, and Winston East Pediatrics, to address concerns such as pre-and post-natal care, behavior and mental health problems, child developmental delays, and/or parenting stress. We level the playing field so that at risk children and their families are prepared for success in school and in life.

“Children living in poverty are at greater risk for developing physical and mental health issues that can negatively impact their ability to succeed in school, said the Trust’s Joe Crocker. That’s why we funded Imprints Cares—in support of their collaboration with Family Services and Wake Forest Baptist—to connect families to health services that will help their children get set for school success.”

Nikki Byers, Executive Director, Imprints Cares—shares, “We appreciate The Trust’s support so that we may enhance our Ready for School Programs addressing the physical, social-emotional, and educational health, and well-being of fragile children and their families. Our Ready for School Director, Berta Andrade will lead The Initiative as she has successfully built the foundation of our mission work through our pediatrics partnership and home visiting services over many years.”

Robert E. Jones, Ph.D., director of Wake Forest Baptist’s Downtown Health Plaza and Winston East Pediatrics noted, “For more than 17 years, Imprints Cares has played an integral role in our partnership for the health and well-being of children and their families we see together, on-site, at the following Wake Forest Baptist clinic locations:  Downtown Health Plaza, Westgate Pediatrics, and Winston East Pediatrics.  Their professional staff is well respected by our medical team and we are excited about this expanded role under The Pediatrics Holistic Health Initiative.”

“We are excited to partner with Imprints Cares and Wake Forest Baptist to improve access to mental health services for young children and their families.  We believe The Initiative will remove barriers experienced by families, increase the likelihood that they will follow through with needed mental health service, and have a long-term impact on the social and emotional health of children and families,” said, Family Services Executive Director, Bob Feikema.




SINCE 2012…
2,750 Children’s early education on track!
10,890 Ready for school visits!
2,750 Children’s health & wellness on track!

Teachers/ Educators
1,210 Child development screenings HO
1,782 Family events
3,575 Connections to services

Children’s Books!


The Outreach enhances The Initiative by focusing on pregnancy and prevention using evidence-based curriculums such as
Parents as Teachers, Cuidate, Smart Girls, and Parents Matter.  This program is not to treat symptoms, but to empower teen girls
and young moms to change the way they think and act and structure their community network in such a way that they
are able to make healthy choices.   Through  one-on-one consultations, child assessments, home visits, literacy and enrichment
projects we spark their interest to succeed in school and in life.  Wake Forest Baptist health residents and pediatricians
also lead workshops as well.   Thanks to donor investors Wendy and Mike Brenner, Anna Reilly and
Matt Cullinan, and Woody Clinard, we are able to support this over a 4-year term based at DHP.

Click American Academy logo below to see several Wake Forest Baptist doctors
blog about Helping Kids Raising Kids around this outreach–


 Thank you to our other collaborators and partners who make our Ready for School programs possible–
especially, Parents as Teachers, evidence-based curriculum, in support of our services with children and their families!

• Second Harvest of NW providing nutrition and cooking classes.

• The Olio STEAM glass blowing workshops with teens and their moms.

• Safe Kids offer car seat donations for selected, qualified families along with installation and education on safety.

• The Outreach Alliance for Babies and Newborns in Need both provide families with much needed bags of items such as clothes, blankets, diapers, wipes, and bassinettes.

• The Department of Public Health provides lunch and learn education on SIDS, Folic Acid and Birth Control. DPH Dental Health program provides preventative dental health and dental screening donating toothbrushes, toothpaste and dental floss.


Marketing & Communications:  Christine Silva

Program/Direct Services Contact Berta Andrade, 336.713.9743

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