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Ready for School Family and Neighborhood Academy

Imprints Cares The Kindergarten Project

Awarded $300,000 by United Way of Forsyth County for their Place Matters Initiative (“an innovative, place-based approach to community development. Place Matters is a resident-led, asset-based initiative to focus investments on interconnected solutions within a specific area of Winston-Salem”).

The United Way Place Matters grant will support the Imprints Cares Family Academy in our collective efforts to close the achievement gap in the community. Nikki Byers, Executive Director for Imprints Cares explained, “This funding will expand our partnership with children and their families in neighborhoods seeking our Ready for School program services. We are excited to continue our long-standing, 40-year partnership with United Way of Forsyth County. We’ve included new services with our 20-year partner, Smart Start of Forsyth County, Inc., using Touchpoints, and new partner, Children’s Home Society of NC, using Wise Guys.

Larry Vellani, Chief Executive Officer, Smart Start of Forsyth County, Inc., shared that “We could not be more thrilled about this exciting next step in our twenty-plus-year partnership with Imprints Cares. This new joint venture is especially significant as it occurs during the time of our 20th anniversary celebrations in April! By expanding our special service partnership—for the first time with the support of the United Way of Forsyth County Place Matters initiative—together, we will be helping more children succeed, more families thrive, and our community to prosper.”

Staci McMillian-Smith, Family Scholarships & Engagement Coordinator, Smart Start of Forsyth County, indicated that “we bring an innovative service to this expanded partnership called Touchpoints that is strength-based in meeting families where they are and building upon the assets that the each family brings to the work of successful growth and change.

“We’re excited about bringing the Wise Guys program for teen males, as well as parent education programs, to new neighborhoods in Forsyth County. We’re also looking forward to the Place Matters approach of working with residents to plan and deliver services. And, we look forward to working with Imprints Cares and Smart Start to provide a continuum of family life education and development activities in these areas,” said, Rick Brown, Director of Program Expansion, Family Life Education Services, A Division of Children’s Home Society of NC.

Imprints Cares will offer Ready for School services such as parenting, home visitations, pediatric wellness education, group connections, child screenings, resource networking, and referrals. Imprints Cares Family Academy begins July 1, 2016.



Marketing & Communications: Christine Silva

Program/Direct Services:  Trina Stephens, 336.955.2110