History and Overview


Imprints Cares early years …

In the late 1960s, “St. Anne’s Episcopal Church took the lead in starting the Experiment for Self-Reliance. Helen and Woody Clinard (and others in the new congregation) helped bring together seven churches, one civic club, and one business to battle the effects of poverty and to try to educate Winston-Salem citizens about poverty’s devastating impact. Their work with the Experiment for Self-Reliance inspired St. Anne’s to initiate the Lowrance School Tutoring Project. This experience of working with children led the congregation to establish a child care center. What started as a babysitting service for women became a full-time center for children throughout the city, with Helen Clinard as one of the early directors.  St. Anne’s supplied the momentum for the Association for the Benefit of Child Development – the ABCD organization – a nursery school for low income children in 1969″ – with Helen Clinard as our original director and founder.

Today …

ABCD evolved over time into Imprints Cares–an early childhood education nonprofit–helping to break the cycle of poverty, giving children the early start they need in life.  Through health and education services in our Ready for School Programs and Expanded Learning Services in Forsyth County, NC, we level the playing field for families in need.  We’ve honored and recognized Helen Clinard in our renovated Family Enrichment Center downtown on Broad.  And, Woody Clinard continues to honor her memory as well with his support to Imprints Cares.

Imprints Cares Overview


to unlock the full potential of children and their families for success in school and in life.


to enrich children’s development while supporting their families on the journey of parenthood.


by nurturing children and supporting parents, we have the ability to change our community for the better. If we’re successful, we’ll build thriving generations of families who are doing their best—not only for themselves, but also for their neighbors, including you.

Core Values

  • Children always come first
  • Our programs and services focus on the whole family
  • Local communities are engaged and empowered
  • We hold ourselves accountable for achieving superior outcomes
  • We engage people from a strength-based perspective
  • We are good financial stewards
  • We build strong and lasting partnerships
  • We have the courage to innovate and change