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“Play is the highest form of research”

—Albert Einstein

The Problem

30% of families in Forsyth County live in poverty—
children living in poverty start school at a disadvantage as their health, behaviors,
and skills impact their development in their first 3 years

By the age of 3, children born into low-income families hear roughly 30 million fewer words than their more affluent peers

Almost 50% of children are behind when they enter kindergarten in Forsyth County—
children who start school behind will likely stay behind

1 in 6 children who are NOT reading proficiently in 3rd Grade, will NOT Graduate High School

The Impact

Imprints Cares Shifts the Odds …

3,000 estimated Ready for School Home Visits annually

1,900 estimated Ready for School Pediatric one-on-one consults, pre & post natal care, and connections to services annually

500 estimated Ready for School connections annually through community chats, group meetings, events, and child care center workshops

3,000 est. books annually (& growing) in our Ready for Schools Programs—inspiring home libraries and literacy

1,200 school age children and 170 teachers, who thrive together in our Expanded Learning Services

Imprints Cares Tipping the Odds

99% of Imprints Cares children are rated as ready for kindergarten— they are not behind

95% of Imprints Cares parents read regularly with their children, at least 4-5 times a week

99% of Imprints Cares children have their own home libraries

99% of Imprints Cares families are engaged in community learning activities, group connections,
and talk, sing, read, draw, write, & play together!

98% of Imprints Cares children are immunized and show up for their pediatrician well visits