In the beginning …

In the late 1960s, members of St. Anne’s Episcopal Church, along with congregants at seven other churches, were disheartened at the obstacles children from low-income families faced as they entered school. After meeting with community representatives and child development experts, they founded the Association to Benefit Children (ABCD) with the goal of empowering parents with the skills needed to raise children who were ready for school.

What started as a babysitting service for women became a full-time day care center for children throughout the city, with Helen Clinard as one of the early directors. Helen and her husband, Woody, were dedicated to leveling the playing field for at-risk children in our community.

Today …

Imprints Cares is an early childhood education nonprofit focused upon helping to break the cycle of poverty, promoting positive parenting, and preparing children for academic success in school.

Through Ready for School Programs and Expanded Learning Services, Imprints Cares Nurtures Children, Empowers Families and Changes Communities.

Helen Clinard’s contributions to Imprints Cares are recognized in our renovated Family Enrichment Center downtown on Broad. And, Woody Clinard continues to honor her memory  with his support to Imprints Cares.



Imprints Cares

502 N. Broad Street, Winston-Salem, NC 27101