Our Stories

“I just want to tell you we are BEYOND impressed with the staff you have running the preschool care at Union Cross. I teach kindergarten, and I would so understand if the teachers were exhausted by the end of the day.  But no matter the time I come to get Addix, a teacher is engaged with him (whether on the floor or at the table).  They are playing games and learning.  He is very behind in his communication skills and can’t speak to tell me how he feels about after school, but I see it in his face.  He doesn’t want to leave some days.  I was so scared about putting him in after school care.  I felt guilt that I couldn’t be there when he got out of school.  But I now see it as a blessing.  More folks to love my little guy and help him to be the best he can be. You all are doing a great job and if your staff hasn’t been told in a while how much they are appreciated for what they do, please let them know the difference they
are making.”

– April Fjeld, Kindergarten Teacher, mom of Addix

“The advice and resources we have received through Imprints Cares’ educational seminars and parent education sessions have helped us to be more confident parents and have less anxiety around our parenting. We’re reminded that our child’s success in life doesn’t have to do with fancy toys or expensive educational tools!”

– Julie and Jonathan Lanford, Donors, Supporters and parents of  Katie

“For the last nine years, I have had the privilege of observing the Imprints Cares family educators’ excellent work with families. They are adept at developing trusting relationships with the clients they serve and exhibit tremendous leadership among their peers.”

– Dean Clifford, Former Executive Director, Smart Start of Forsyth County

“Getting the parent and child off to the right start is critical and Imprints Cares has programs that make success very achievable. Imprints Cares hires the right talent and applies business principles to ensure goals are achieved in every case. That’s why I support them financially.”

– Mark Doughton, Individual Donor

“Imprints Cares provides innovative, educational, and culturally-sensitive services to children and their families. Their team emphasizes outcomes that have long-term benefits, and they support school readiness, healthy development, and parent-child engagement.”

– Julie M. Linton, MD, FAAP, Assistant Professor of Pediatrics, Wake Forest School of Medicine

One of our Stories

ImprintsStoriesMaria, the Coordinator of the Pediatric Parenting Connection, located onsite at Wake Forest Baptist Downtown Health Plaza, was connected to Caroline through her doctor. Maria learned from Caroline that she just turned 18, was a rising senior in high school, and received news she was two months pregnant.

She had shared the news with her mother, who was very disappointed but offered her support. Her stepfather and her younger sister both disapproved. She was overwhelmed about what choices she had for the future.   After talking with Maria about the Imprints Cares home visitation and referral program, Caroline decided to enroll to give her herself a better chance.

Success. Caroline felt she met a new advocate to be in her court.

Maria met with Caroline biweekly and she felt empowered. She realized early on that she could do this—she could have her baby and be a great parent. As she learned new strategies for being a parent, a student, and a “teen adult,” her confidence grew. She made plans and Maria connected her to resources where she could learn about basic care needs and purchase supplemental foods, pack and play, car seat and fresh produce thanks to Maria’s referral partners (such as WIC, Outreach Alliance, Newborns In Need, DHP Kids Safe, Outreach Alliance and Farm Fresh).   This, combined with Maria’s inclusion of Caroline’s mom (and now a new grand mom) at some of the home visits, was strengthening their lines of communications and support.

Success. Caroline’s confidence and excitement was on the rise.

Caroline gave birth to Jonathan with her mother by her side.
She was proud. She instantly felt what it was to love someone unconditionally. Caroline shared, “To me, Maria and Imprints Cares are like another family, so I don’t feel alone doing this by myself.”

Success. Caroline expanded her family network on her new parenting journey.

Jonathan is now 7-months-old, smiles all the time, and is meeting all his milestones—thriving beyond expectation. Caroline will turn 19-years-old next month. She is an incredible single mother, high school graduate and started classes at Forsyth Tech!

Success. Caroline is modeling a strong image for her son.

Caroline’s mother asked Maria at one of her home visits, “Why does Imprints Cares offer all this support to my daughter?” Maria explained that Imprints Cares is on a mission is to provide families with the tools they need to raise children who are safe, healthy and ready to learn. With this support, we help moms like Caroline be the best parents they can be, setting their children up for success in school and life.

Success. Grand mom understood and continues to be a great supporter of Caroline and Jonathan.