Nurturing Children.   Supporting Parents.   Changing Communities.


Take a quick listen to our public service announcement!!! A big thank you to iHeartMedia

Take a quick listen to our public service announcement!!! A big thank you to iHeartMedia



Since 1969, Imprints Cares, a nonprofit organization, has been working to break the cycle of poverty, by giving children
the solid foundation they need for life through EDUCATION and HEALTH services.

We believe that by nurturing children and supporting parents, we have the ability to change our community for the better.

By doing this, we will build generations of families that strive to do their best—
not only for themselves, but also for their neighbors… and that’s YOU!


To unlock the full potential of children and their families for success in school and in life.


To enrich children’s development while supporting their families through the journey of parenthood.



Our qualified staff partners with families through education and health services so that their children are healthy, safe, and ready to learn.

Our Families

Julie and Jonathan Lanford

“The advice and resources we’ve received through Imprints Cares’ educational seminars and parent education sessions have helped us be more confident parents.
The seminars and sessions help spread the most effective and evidence-based recommendations.
This helps to break cycles that aren’t helpful and introduce parenting strategies that will raise more confident, educated and healthy children. That makes our
community a better place
for everyone!”

Our Teachers

Lori Richards, Mentor, Teacher & Volunteer

“I find it very rewarding to create enrichment activities and field trips at Imprints Cares. Not only do they bring the fun, but they also provide learning experiences throughout the summer and to the before and after school programs! Mentoring children has always been an important part of my life. Imprints Cares gives me the avenue to be part of a wonderful team to make that happen. I love children of all ages and I learn from them as much as they do from me!”

Our Community Partners

Monica T. Brown, MPH, Health Center Manager, WFBH Downtown Health Plaza

“Imprints Cares provides an invaluable service to the families of WFBH Downtown Health Plaza. Through our fully integrated service model, we have access to a top-notch, first-class knowledge base for assisting our families. The services Imprints Cares provides will have long-term benefits on our community through higher student achievement, improved behavior, committed and engaged parents, etc. The expertise of Imprints Cares is undeniable.”

We need to close the achievement gap.

Every fall, as many as 50 percent of Forsyth County kindergartners arrive on the first day of school already behind.

Every child has tremendous potential.

Given the right resources and necessary support for all family members, children will thrive.

We consider ourselves to be parents’ partners.

Imprints Cares provides families with the tools they need to raise children who are safe, healthy and ready to learn.

Families need care they can count on.

Imprints Cares offers a premier before- and after-school program.
We hire educators from within the school system so that the child is comfortable.
Transition from classroom to before- and after- school program is easy and safe.

Parenting can be daunting.

No matter their resources, we believe that all families can benefit from support and guidance.

We need your help to do more!

With your support, Imprints Cares can reach and support more families.
Help us bring into fruition, the full potential of children and their families for success in school and in life.

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Together, we can close the gap.

We can tip the scale in a child’s favor.