Imprints Cares, in partnership with Book Harvest of Durham, NC, has introduced Book Babies @ Imprints Cares to children and their families in need in our community.

Book Babies @ Imprints Cares promotes reading early to families–children who are exposed to books from birth to 5 years old have improved language development compared to those who are not read to at an early age.

Duke Center for Child and Family Policy researchers are studying the effectiveness of Book Babies @ Imprints Cares as an evidence-based curriculum in a randomized, control trial evaluation.

The Longitudinal Study …

Medicaid eligible newborns enrolled in Book Babies @ Imprints Cares will be randomly assigned to one of three groups–

Those receiving 20 age-appropriate books per year, delivered during three home visits
Those receiving 20 age-appropriate books per year, delivered three times without home visits
Those receiving $20 three times a year

We are thankful to our donors-Wendy and Mike Brenner and Anna Reilly and Matt Cullinan-as well as partners


Please contact Erika Stewart at 336.722.6296 x214