Coming This Fall To: 

Ashley, Brunson, Gibson, Griffith, Jefferson, Meadowlark, Moore, Morgan, Old Richmond, Piney Grove, Sherwood, Smith Farm, Speas, Union Cross, Vienna, Walkertown, Ward, and Whitaker Elementary Schools.

ESSER-2 Programs offered at: Ibraham, Moore, Old Town, Speas, Smith Farm, and Ward Elementary Schools

Also serving: Meadowlark and Lewisville Middle Schools

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2021-2022 Parent-Handbook

Contact Janelle Gibbs, 336-722-6296 x223

Watch Stoney's video about his Imprints Cares after school story @ Union Cross Elementary!

Expanded Learning Services Benefits

“They hire actual teachers to run their after school services…and they are really good teachers. Imprints Cares is fantastic!” – Mom of a student in our after-school program